Pavlos Kalaitzoglou

Director of Plant Research | INFARM GmbH

I am coming from a tiny village in northern Greece. After my MSC and PhD studies on LED lighting in horticulture in Wageningen University, I was appointed as Director of Plant Research in INFARM. My role in INFARM is to organize and manage the Plant Research Department.

INFARM is an indoor farming company that aims to bring vertical farming into the city to grow fresh local produce, no matter the season. INFARM’s core innovation is a scalable, patented technology, that allows far greater production efficiency of leafy greens and vegetables than any other technology on the market today.


Using the City as a Farm

Main Stage

INFARM minimizes the effects of the food supply chain on the environment by horticultural production spread in large city networks. At the same time, the company provides fresh, pesticide-free and highly nutritious products at affordable prices. The highly controlled environmental conditions inside the farming units allow the growth of cultivars native to any geographical latitude […]